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5 Ways To Make Your New Central Alberta Homes Even Greener

5 Ways to Make Your New Central Alberta Homes Even Greener

Whether you anticipated it or not, as soon as you buy a Krest Home you’ve already done a lion’s share of your household’s commitment to living a greener lifestyle and protecting the environment. You may have recently opted into one of our community developments of new real estate for sale in Penhold, Gull Lake, or Blackfalds or are considering new construction Central Alberta homes, and in doing so, have learned that Krest is dedicated to an eco-friendly future by offering green built homes. If you have come across our blog at any point in your process then you have likely read one or two of our articles on how to maintain an environmentally conscious lifestyle beyond the foundation where which you pay your mortgage. Well, as our first post of 2014 we thought we’d deliver yet another by providing a few very easy-to-follow tips that require very little “sacrifice” but can make a dramatic difference all the same.

5 Tips to a Greener Home in Central Alberta

1. Clean with Green Cleaning Products

No matter how eco-friendly the construction and appliances within your home if you are wiping it all down with standard cleaning products you’re doing your house, and your family’s health, a disservice. The

bulk of those traditional cleaning products sitting on the shelf in your local grocery store are a concoction of damaging chemicals. Switching to green cleaning products is not as expensive an endeavor as it used to be, with many products being price comparable to the harmful alternative – especially if you shop smart and await sales. You’ll find these liquids and scrubs work just as well, keep the house smelling naturally fresh, and won’t give you bleached finger tips nor dizzy spells

while cleaning in closed spaces.

2. Take a Trip to the Donation Bin, not the Local Garbage Dump

One of the best habits you can get into is second-guessing everything that is in your hand as it’s about to make its way into your garbage container. While we are all of course accustomed to separating our traditional recyclables (plastic containers, paper flyers, etc…) many of us overlook other things around the home that we are quick to toss when no longer of any use to us. Have you ever thrown out a paperback book? That can be donated to your local library (yes, even those horrid romance novels your mother-in-law leaves in the guest room after a visit). Then there are clothing and linen items. Altruism aside (donation for the sake of the less fortunate) it is a fact that reducing clothing waste ultimately results in fewer carbon emissions created in production. Thus, that sweater your teenage daughter is claiming is sooo 2013 should be intercepted before ending up in the trash. Make sure the entire family is in on this habit of “second guessing” items slated for trash.

3. Keep the Heat In, not On

Minimize the energy consumption required from the home when it comes to heating the household in the cold fall and winter months. Keep blinds closed when it’s cold to trap the heat in and prevent the cold air from penetrating the windows. Ensure insulation in the home is replaced when needed and consider eco-friendly alternatives. Don’t stand with one foot in and one foot out, leaving the door ajar when telling the kids to hurry up or they’ll be late for hockey practice. It’s the big and the small things that add up when it comes to keeping the home warm.

4. Less Pesticides with Fewer Pests

Our residents live in one of the most beautiful regions in the country due to its immediate access to mother nature. However we all know a side effect of living in this Central Alberta paradise when the spring and summer arrives is a few outdoor bugs and pests to contend with. Picnics aside they tend not to be a bother unless you invite them into your home. At that point you take to bug sprays and pesticides as a solution. There is no doubt that these in-the-home sprays are harmful to the environment. Thus, the best preventative measure you can take is by putting up a roadblock at the entry ways of your home. First of all, inspect your home for cracks and crevices (from the base to the window panes to the roof) that allows access to microscopic critters and seal accordingly. In addition to a solid flea collar for your pet, give them a good brush down before the enter the door to your home after they’ve been frolicking outside (the same may be said about the kids!). Finally, keep the floors and countertops food-crumb free – nothing is as inviting to bugs and pests as a free meal (in-laws included).

5. Make a Bang with your Pots & Pans

Kick Teflon to the curb, letting harmful chemicals slip away by opting in to accent your kitchenware with stainless steel, cast iron, and enamel coated cast iron. Professional cooks prefer the latter options as well so not only are you creating a greener kitchen you are increasing your odds of becoming Canada’s next Top Chef, if you are so inclined.

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