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Customize Your Home With These Crafty Storage Ideas

Customize Your Home with These Crafty Storage Ideas

Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Pull Out Shelving
Bending over and digging in cabinets can be maddening. It can also put a strain on your lower back.

New interior shelving systems have metal or plastic baskets set into side tracks. When you need to find something, the entire contents of the cabinet can come to you. Everything will be at a more optimal angle and enable you to access better lighting, making finding what you need a breeze.

Swing-out Trays
These devices consist of a large, peanut-shaped platform attached to a folding metal arm. They hide neatly inside the cabinet and take care of wasted corner cabinet space. When you need something, they pull out gently towards you and present everything visibly.

Integrated Cutting Board
Rather than having to store cutting boards, you can give one its own home right inside your cabinet. A dedicated slot can be made with an attractive pull handle, mimicking a typical cabinet drawer.

When you pull on the handle, your cutting board comes out to provide you with a convenient, solid surface to chop on. You can lift out the cutting board to clean it when you are done.

Stud Bay Integrated Shelving
The space between wall studs can sometimes be very small. Bathroom products are usually tiny enough that a small shelf is all you need. These petite shelving spots are perfect for storing beauty items or toiletries. You could also make small square cubby holes and use them to store rolled up clean towels.

Hidden Hamper
Dirty clothes tend to be an eyesore. Even with several laundry hampers, having piles of worn clothes can make your home look cluttered.

A simple solution would be to integrate the hamper into your bathroom cabinets. You can seamlessly blend a hamper with a drop-in slot into most cabinets. Tip-out bins are another great idea that takes up very little room.

Storage Seating
Bathrooms generally have very little in the way of seating. A comfy bench can be the perfect spot to do your hair or have a chat with your spouse while you get ready in the morning.

A built-in bench can not only provide a functional, stylish accent, but it could also have a hinged top for storing more sundries. Towels, baskets filled with toiletries and big items like hair curlers can hide out of site without cluttering up cabinets.

Using these ideas or anything else your imagination comes up with are a great way to customize your home’s design to your lifestyle. To get your creativity flowing, let our home plans inspire you to create a home perfectly modified to your needs.