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Earth Day Tips to Help The Environment AND Your Wallet

Check Out Some Ways You Can Help the Environment AND Save Money On Your Utilities.

Did You Know Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Last 10x Longer Than Incandescent Bulbs and Use 75% Less Energy? Using 17 CFL Bulbs is the Equivalent of Taking 1 Car Off the Road for a Year!

The Average Home Accounts for 10,000 Gallons of Wasted Water Each Year. That’s Money Dripping Right Down Your Drain.

Your PVR Running Your Satelite or Cable is Using as Much Power as Your Fridge! Make Sure Your Appliances and Devices are Turned Off, Not on Standby.

Blue Star Appliances are Much More Efficient, and Will Use Less Power, Saving You Money Each Month

Programmable Thermostats Can Ensure You’re Not Heating or Cooling Your Home When Nobody is Around.