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Energy Stars Red Deer Builder Krest Homes

Energy Stars Red Deer Builder Krest Homes

ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard
The Energy Star for New Homes Standard was developed by the Government of Canada and Canada’s home building professionals. Builders can comply to these standards by meeting an energy performance target or build based on predetermined conditions.

With the 20 years + of green building experience provided by our Owner and President, Scott Grozelle, Krest Homes has been a Central Alberta leader for Green building practices.  implementing 95% of the Energy Stars building standards since the start of the company in 2012.

What is the difference between ENERGY STAR and a R-2000 or Green Built home?
Energy Star, R-2000, and Green Built homes all offer a number of energy saving features to provide maximum energy efficiency for your home.  R-2000, and Green Built home programs laid the ground work for the Energy Star program that we have today.

How does the EnerGuide Rating System factor into ENERGY STAR?
The EnerGuide Rating System is Natural Resources Canada’s well-established rating tool, which is used for measuring energy efficiency in homes. An Energy Star compliant builder may utilize the EnerGuide Rating System to ensure your home meets an energy efficiency target.

For more information on Energy Stars or building on home with Energy Stars Red Deer Builder Krest contact us HERE