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How To Make Easy Reindeer Nose Gift Wrap

How To Make Easy Reindeer Nose Gift Wrap

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a certain reindeer and his big red nose! Create this fun and festive reindeer nose gift wrap using just a few simple materials… This is such a great way to decorate your presents in no time at all.

You Will Need

Red wool
Pom pom maker
Kraft wrapping paper
Craft Essentials

Black sharpie
Glue gun
How To Make:

1.Start by wrapping the wool around each side of the pom pom maker.

2. Always leave a little bit of wool hanging loose as this will stop the wool from unravelling while it is on the pom pom maker. Lock both sides of the pom pom maker together to create a circle.
3. Trim down the middle of the pom pom maker.

4. From where you have cut down the middle of the pom pom maker; wrap a piece of the same coloured wool. Tie both ends and pull tight so that the pieces of wool come together. Keep a tight grip on the ends and tie a knot to hold everything into place. Cut any excess pieces.

5. Using a glue gun, stick the pom pom onto a present that you have already wrapped. Hold it in place for a few seconds.

6. Draw on the eyes and antlers for the reindeer with a black sharpie pen.