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No Nightstand, No Problem

No Nightstand, No Problem

Creative Nightstand Alternatives

Not enough in the budget, room too narrow, need more storage, or just looking for something more unique?

No Nightstand, No Problem!

These creative nightstand alternatives might be perfect for your bedroom.  Looking for more of a rustic? Try a ladder and create a unique display or try using an old suitcase or truck to get some added storage.   Looking for a creative way to store your book or magazine collection?  Try stacking them up to make custom height table.  Your guest doesn’t need a lot of storage when they stay so why not try mounting a free floating shelf next to the bed in your guest room?  Have an extra chair or stool that you only use once or twice a year when you have extra company over for dinner?  Put it to use the remaining days of the year and a bedside table!
Check out some more creative night stand alternatives here: